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However, the origin of the holiday dates back to the  15 Jul 2012 Vardavar (or Vartavar) is one of several ancient Armenian festivals that has The festival is very popular among children as it is one day where  Check what day the most beloved and joyful holiday in Armenia is going to be celebrated. Vardavar is an Armenian pagan holiday , connected with Goddess Of   18 Հուլիս 2020 The tradition of pouring water has been preserved till our days. The ministry of healthcare, however, urges citizens to refrain from large  Product details · Date First Available : December 6, 2019 · Manufacturer : Universal Music Division Decca Records France · ASIN : B073NRGTHV  25 Mar 2020 4. Getting drenched at Vardavar Water scarce Armenia allows itself just one day a year to waste this precious resource. But only because of its  26 Jun 2018 One of the most fun holidays is Vardavar, which has Pagan roots and celebrates the goddess of purity and water. On this day, everyone gets  19 Feb 2020 the locals to enjoy the dry and hot summer days is Vardavar holiday.

In some regions, however, it is held on different days, and traditions differ too. Vardavar Celebration Days year day 2024 July 7 2023 July 16 2022 July 24 2021 July 11 2020: July 19 2019: July 28 2018: July 8 2017: July 23 2016: July 3 2015: July 12 2014: The Vardavar festival takes place on a hot summer day, and things kick off early in the morning and continue until around 5pm, when the weather starts to cool down. Where to stay .

Armenisk mytologi gudinna. Encyclopedia of mythology

In 2020, water festival will be held on July 19th. Vardavar is celebrated everywhere in Armenia, in large cities, in districts, and even in small towns and villages.

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Vardavar 2020 fell on Sunday, July 19. Date: 98 days (14 weeks) after Easter.Wiki.. When is Vardavar … The day before, when I had talked to my daughter who is in Yerevan, she had casually mentioned that Sunday is “Vardavar” and that they were told to stay inside if they didn’t want to get wet The funniest, the coolest and the wettest holiday in Armenia is Vardavar. This holiday or better to say water festival is celebrated every year in July in all the provinces, big and small cities and villages of Armenia.

The explanations for the rose connection are quite varied.
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It was fun to take pictures on Vardavar day in Yerevan :) BR Hakob. Läs mer. Skriv ett omdöme.

Se hela listan på Today was Vardavar, the pagan-turned-Christian holiday, which is celebrated by people drenching one another with buckets of water all day long. Some kids are getting creative by using high-pressure water guns that shoot streams at a considerable distance. Naturally I observed some of the hysteria from my front and rear balconies.
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Duration; 7 days/6 nights Best season; July Private-like Beach by Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton . October 21, 2019. Celine 2017-05-03 The fascinating capital Yerevan. At first sight, Yerevan may seem like a fairly grey post-Soviet city. … 2016-07-06 Vardavar, also called “jrotsi” (watering) is celebrated 14 weeks or 98 days after Easter, on a Sunday.